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Straight razor: Using stroke to create movement

haircutting layers razor straight blade stroke

Gracie is looking for an update to her haircut. She wants to feel more modern and has some shape around her face. Well, still leaving enough length to pull her hair up into a ponytail. We decided that it would be nice to add more texture to her hair, so that it has movement and a better swing to it. Keeping the layers longer is going to keep everything looking much fresher and not dated. I wanted to avoid over littering the hair and making it way too lean on the perimeter. I decided to approach this haircut by using my straight blade razor and working with the stroke of the blade to increase my weight removal in the shape rather than elevating. This video is going to show you how to utilize your razor to remove weight and density while cutting your main line. It will help you speed up your work behind the chair.

Using different techniques with the straight literature is really what allows things to become very fluid and natural. Creating a low elevation layer really makes the hair wearable and increases the ability for your clients to air dry their hair. When I work with a Razor I try to work as the hair dries so I can really start to see the texture and the density as my haircut develops. using the razor to also remove density in areas where it is heavier and being able to create consistency in a clients density when they have areas of inconsistent see is a very very beneficial point of using the razor. It’s much more like sketching a haircut than it is actually cutting a haircut. It was very soft and natural. This video is one of my favorite techniques that I use every single day. 



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