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Mushroom Brown Model Color

beige bronde brown color cool correction mushroom trending warmth

The “model” look typically has low contrast and is very blended. Also, a child-like, natural gradience. 

The mushroom color tone is a combination of warm and cool tones. A true beige. I think it lives at a level 7 usually so you can achieve that dusty, natural quality. 

Sara loves her natural base. Today we want to correct her existing, color-treated hair to emulate her natural base as much as possible. We will need to highlight and low light in order to achieve this look. It’s important for us not to over process her hair, especially because she wants to grow it longer. We will be very strategic in our product choice and application to keep the integrity of hair in its best condition. 

In this video we will be highlighting and correcting the tone (between) with a low-light formula. No root shadow or gloss will be needed. 

This is a great application for anyone who wants to lighten their base, correct unwanted warmth or add sparkly dimension without being stripe-y.  


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