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Dimensional Color: Full Transformation

base break bronde bump color dimentional highlights lived in

Ready for Iman’s full transformation? Today we will be adding a full head of dimensional highlights. She was in a previous tutorial tilted “Quick Base”. In that session, we lightened her base from her natural level β…˜ to a wam 6/7. What the video by searching the title. In today's session, she has regrowth on her base so I will be touching the base up as well. I always like to advise my clients, when they don’t have any pre-existing highlights, is to focus the placement on the ends and around the face. This will lay a foundation for the next session and avoid the hair looking stripe-y. This is one of my favorite looks!! 


In this video you will learn:

  • Quick base (base breaking)
  • Full transformation placement
  • Dimensional bronde color
  • How to not overfoil
  • Glossing and toning  
  • Where to leave dark dimension


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