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Color Theory: L’Oréal Dia

color color theory coverage demi-permanent dialight diarichesse education gloss gray grey l'oréal

In the latest tutorial to drop on Essential Hair Academy, were breaking down how to use L’Oréal Dia color line. There are so many uses for this color line. I absolutely love it for grey coverage, rich brunettes, vibrant reds or even just for its high shine qualities.

 First and foremost you need to know the difference between DiaRichesse and DiaLight. While both are Demi-permanent, DiaLight is acidic and DiaRichesse is alkaline. Acidic colors sit more on the outside of the hair shaft and cannot lighten the hair. Alkaline colors will provide grey coverage and have the ability to lift hair 1-1 1/2 levels lighter.

To cover gray using DiaRichesse, you need to use the correct activator. For up to 30% coverage, use the 9volume activator. For up to 70% coverage, you must use it with 15volume.

The DiaLight series is great as a glossing service. It will allow some variation in dimension to shine through and be extremely reflective. The DiaRichesse line is amazing at covering highlights in a more opaque finish. Perfect for someone going darker.

Both are mixed in a 1:1.5 ratio. That’s 1 part color to 1.5 developer. The processing time is 20 minutes. For grey coverage I always allow it to process 30 minutes.

 Hope all of this information helps you to fall in love with the Dia series from L’Oréal.


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