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Full Highlight On High Density

blonde bright dense dimentional full highlight long root

Sometimes when a client comes in with a lot of hair, and a lot of regrowth, it can be really overwhelming when they want to be a lot lighter. It’s just really tough to pack in a ton of foils in one session and not over process the hair. I feel like if the application time goes over 60 to 90 minutes, you often have to rinse in sections. It’s really hard to manage processing time overall.

In this video, I want to share with you some of my strategy on packing in foils while still leaving enough depth so that the hair grows out softly. We’re also going to be strategic in the way that we place our foils, so that  everything can lift as evenly as possible.

My model Gracie has not had her hair colored in 10 months. She has very thick hair but its fine. I want to brighten her up today with a full highlight while keeping some of her natural dimension for another soft grow out.

She is very low maintenance but likes to feel bright. The foils will be placed in an order of back to front to prevent over processing. She is naturally lighter around the face. After the foils are washed we paint her ends with wet balayage to brighten up what she has existing.

Root shadowing will be the finishing touch to blend and soften her demarcation. 


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